Sweet Musk At Addaci 06/09/99

(SH CH Nevedith Star Of Nazareth ex Darling Mel)

Hips 7:7

Bronwen was the Addaci foundation bitch. Bronnie is a very sweet natured dog, with a zest for life second only to Merlin! Bronwen's favourite pastimes include running, swimming and hunting on the mountain where she lives. Her working ability is superb and this has been passed down to her offspring who show great promise in the field. Bronwen has done well at the shows she has attended but has never enjoyed the show life, prefering instead to be out hunting and tracking in the fields as often as she can. She has a fantastic temperament and is always great fun to have around. Bronwen is also a sun lover and will spend hours basking in the heat. Bronwen is DNA profiled and hip scored with a score of 7/7=14 Even though Bronwen has now retired and has been spayed, although she is still regarded as the puppy here even though she is a grandma a few times over. Her life is now spent out in the fields hunting as often as possible or reclining in her favourite chair. Whenever needed she is babysitter to anyone elses puppies and will happily keep watch over all the gangs activities. Her most important job is bed warmer which she does wonderfully. Bronwen has a superb pedigree which can be traced in the UK all the way back pre-1948!

Bronwen is the most amazing girl.

photo by Gill Buller (Huntingate) (Sept 2007)

This photo was taken after a 10 mile hike and a long swim, still outdoing her grandchildren by a long way.

Bronwen is nearly 10 years old and still behaves like a puppy at times! We have had 2 litters of Bronwen's great grandchildren this year.