Lacey was my soulmate and there will never be another like her. She was truely one in a million and she broke the mould! I miss you so much Lacey, life is just not the same without you here but in my heart you will always be right by my side!

photo by Gill Buller 2006 

Lacey, SH CH Addaci Mountain Solace,

02/04/02 - 22/06/07

(Valasztas Bobby Burns ex Sweet Musk At Addaci)

Lacey won Minor Puppy Bitch at the Hungarian Vizsla Club Championship Show at just 6 months & 4 days of age. Photo by Gill Buller 2002

Hips 4:4

Eye tested : Clear

Lacey had an exciting start to her show career, by winning at her very first Championship show which was held by The Hungarian Vizsla Club under Breed Specialist judge Sylvia Cox. Lacey built upon this success, with her highlights being the Southern Counties Championship Show in May 2003, where, at just 13 months of age, she won her first BCC (Bitch Challenge Certificate), Best of Breed (Hungarian Vizsla) and also came fourth in the Gundog group. She was one of only 3 Hungarian Vizslas to win a group placing at a UK General Championship show in 2003. Lacey was the most fantastic girl, full of sunshine and fun. Lacey thoroughly enjoyed her Field Trial training, her favourite part being the water retrieve, where she was akin to an exocet missile.

Water was always Lacey's first love and if duck retreivals are involved then that makes it even better. Lacey was our very special girl and although at times she could be a real monkey she was so sweet with it. It was always so very hard to be cross with her when she sat amidst a snow storm of fluff from her duvet - looking the picture of sweetness and innocence! Lacey was DNA profiled and hip scored with an excellent hip score of 4/4=8. Lacey had her passport and had attended the Europa Cup 2006 in France. Lacey took a break of about 2 years from the Championship showring whilst she raised her offspring and attained the maturity she needed to show everyone what she was truely made of.

Addaci Mountain Solace @ CRUFTS photo by Fruzesi Zsuzsa '06

Lacey returned to the show ring for CRUFTS 2006 and was placed Reserve out of an entry of 18 bitches in the Open Bitch Class. Lacey then won 1st in Open & Bitch Challenge Certificate @ The National Championship Show under Jean Fairlie. Quickly followed by 1st in Open & Bitch Challenge Certificate @ Bath Championship Show under Maureen Mackay. Thus Lacey attained her Show Championship in 2006 becoming SH CH Addaci Mountain Solace.

*******STOP PRESS*******

Announcing our homebred & owner handled Show Champion

  SH CH ADDACI MOUNTAIN SOLACE photo by Hughes 2006

In July Lacey won the Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate @ East Of England Championship Show under Ferelith Somerfield. In August she won 1st in Open @ Bournmouth Championship Show under Jennie Miller. Once Lacey had achieved her show title she then retired from the showring to concentrate on her working career.

Our plan had been for Lacey to enter working events & field trials in UK and Europe from Autumn 2007 onwards. In April 2007 Lacey whelped her litter of 12 puppies and she raised them wonderfully she saw most of them off to their new homes during the first half of June 2007.

On Friday 22nd June 2007 we lost our beautiful Lacey after a very short but devestating illness. I know our lives will never be the same without her. 


Sincere thanks must go to all the respected judges who thought so highly of our Lacey.

First and foremost to Breed Specialist Judge Larry Wilkes for awarding Lacey her 1st BCC & BOB at the tender age of 13 months at Southern Counties Championship Show 2003.

To the International Judge Rodi Hubenthal for awarding Lacey her Group 4 placing again at Southern Counties Championship Show 2003.

To Breed Specialist Jean Fairlie for awarding Lacey her 2nd BCC & BOS at Birmingham National Championship Show 2006.

To the esteemed Judge Maureen Mackay for awarding Lacey her 3rd BCC & BOS at Bath Championship Show 2006.

Also special thanks must also go to all the other judges who have thought so well of her.

Some of Lacey's judging critiques :

Southern Counties 2003 - Larry Wilkes : JB - Strong class, I took a lot of pleasure from this class & it bodes well for the future. 1st Jones' Addaci Mountain Solace, an absolute cracker, took a second look and she confirmed my first impression, beautifully made, elegant on the move with just the right amount of substance, lovely head shape, good colour eye, long sloping neck, well laid shoulder, level top, well angulated rear, effortless performance. Had no hesitation awarding CC & BOB, my impression confirmed with 4th place in the Group.

Southern Counties Group 2003 - Rodi Hubenthall : Group 4 was the Vizsla, Addaci Mountain Solace, well balanced dog, not too heavy as they often are. Moved gracefully with a lively trot.

HVC 2002 - Sylvia Cox : MPB 1st - Jones' Addaci Mountain Solace, 6 month baby, excellent size and shape at this stage. Lovely head, good feet, moved v soundly. Should do well.

SWKC 2003 - Frank Kane : JB 1st - Jones' Addaci Mountain Solace, Very good bitch, kept in the last 3 for the CC. Holds her excellent shape and balance on the move, full of type and quality, hope she'll go on to do well.

Bath 2003 - Chris Ryan : JB 2nd - Jones' Addaci Mountain Solace, Good head proportions & length of leathers, good coat colour & reach of neck, well laid shoulders, a really nice young bitch, well balanced throughout, moved well, good firm topline. Not quite the substance of 1 yet, however has the makings of a very elegant bitch. 

Blackpool 2003 - Phillip Green : SYB 2nd - Jones' Addaci Mountain Solace,  Nicely balanced. Good outline, depth of body, bone, front & topline. Good head and eye. Sound mover.

SKC 2003 - John Digby : JB 2nd - Jones' Addaci Mountain Solace, Nice compact bitch, plenty of flare, good front, pleasing all over. Handler tends to over stretch her.

WELKS 2006 - Geoff Hargreaves : OB 2nd - Jones Addaci Mountain Solace,

BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL 2006 - JEAN FAIRLIE : OB 1ST & BCC - Jones' Addaci Mountain Solace, This bitch took her time to show what a really classy Vizsla is like. She has style, good proportions, excellent head and true Vizsla expression. A balanced bitch in everyway which showed in her great movement. 2nd CC. The third should come soon I am sure. 

BATH 2006 - MAUREEN MACKAY : OB 1ST & BCC - Jones' Addaci Mountain Solace - Such a lovely well balanced & sound moving bitch this is. Lovely head & eye, good length neck, correct in upper arm length to lay of shoulder. She has width of chest & the heart room. Depth in body & good spring of rib. Strength in quarters with stifle well turned. Covered ground with ease. CC. Pleased to hear it was her 3rd.

BOURNEMOUTH 2006 JENNIE MILLER : 1st Open - Jones' SH CH Addaci Mountain Solace. Another lovely elegant lady from this kennel. Well handled and presented in good muscle tone, coat and condition. Super head and with kind expressive eyes. Strong lean arched neck to well laid shoulders and level topline. Good depth to chest, nice short back, well ribbed. Elbows well in. Good legs and feet. Moved free and sound with good side stride. Had to give way to her younger kennel mates.


WORCESTER & MALVERN - ANDREW BRACE : 1st Open & BOB - Jones' Addaci Mountain Solace, High quality yearling who gave her handler a hard time. Excellent head type, correct proportions & angles all through, in excellent condition. A pain on the stack but came to life on the move where she looked the part. needs and deserves a lot of hard work. BOB.  Andrew Brace then went on to further comment about Lacey in his column in the Dog Press - Going Around with Andrew Brace. "Vizslas turned out well and here BOB was a very good moving yearling bitch, Addaci Mountain Solace, who wasn't the most co-operative standing but came to life on the go around. I understand she already has her first CC under her belt. Her owner teased me later in the day about a recent column where I had cited Gareth Fishlock as the youngest grandfather in vizslas, as apparently her husband claims the title by a few years."