Mabel - Welsh rugby supporter

Mabel, Ajandstar Tirpitz By Addaci, 12/03/06.

(Alsziv Minilva ex Danllwyth Buffy)

Hips 5:4

Mabel is a lovely girl who is usually looking to make mischief! She is very sweet when she wants to be and she is very energetic and enthusiastic about whatever she does. She excels at agility and is the 100 mile an hour Queen of the agility course!!!

In June 2008 Mabel whelped her 1st litter of 12 puppies, 4 boys & 8 girls and in March 2010 she whelped her 2nd litter of 11 puppies, 8 boys & 3 girls. Mabel's pups are the 4th generation of this line here at Addaci.

Aunty Mabel with Tyla & Iolo's daughters Piroska & Grace.

Mabel's puppies born 28th July 2011 - 6 boys & 5 girls