Meggy Moo

Megan, Addaci Mountain Mystic, 16/09/03.

(Finnougric Alexander At Addaci ex Sweet Musk At Addaci)

Hips 5:4


photo by Jeanna Jones 2005

Meggy Moo is an adorable but very busy girl. She is so sweet and so very like her mum, Bronwen. By 12 weeks of age Ms Meggy Moo was already ruling the roost here. Meggy takes after her father in many aspects and everyone who knew Merlin as a puppy has commented upon the Mini Merlin that she is, complete with kangaroo jumps & roo, roo, rooos. We were delighted when Meggy Moo was handled by 9 year old Cerys being placed 5th in her breed class @ CRUFTS 2005.

Meggy has her passport and is happy travelling to Europe for any events. Meggy is DNA profiled and hip scored with an excellent hip score of 5/4=9. 

Meggy's first litter (The Addaci Mystics) were born on the 12th July 2006 and consisted of 3 boys and 3 girls. Meggy's son Jesse qualified for CRUFTS 2008 at his very first championship show at just 6 months and 5 days. Meggy's daughter Mila Moo qualified for CRUFTS 2008 shortly after and has also taken the working tests by storm. Jesse has since won his Junior Warrant and a Reserve Challenge Certificate at just 13 months of age and is now qualified for CRUFTS for life. This pair are a credit to their parents.

Meggy excels at agility and we are hoping to be entereing some agility competitions in late 2008.

In September 2005 Meggy Moo was selected to represent Wales in the Team Great Britain at The European Cup in The Netherlands. Team Great Britain was placed 4th in the Championat D'Europ.

photo by Mal Jones 2005

At the Dutch Vizsla Club Championship Show we were thrilled when Meggy was Graded Excellent and was placed 2nd in Open Bitch in a class of top bitches from across Europe.  

photo by Neissing 2005

Addaci Mountain Mystic - Critique from Dutch Show 25/09/05

81, Vizsla, Korthaar, Addaci Mountain Mystic, Oud Vossemeer, Nederlandse Vereniging op 25th September 2005 van Hongaarse Staande Hondon Vizsla. Aan bovengenoemde hond is toegekend de kwalificatie - Uitmuntend in de Open klasse plaasting 2.

Teefje van prima maat. Good hoofd. Good oog, oor en gebit. Correcte hals. Prima front. Heeft al prima ribwelving maar is onder its smal. Prima zugbelijning, prima staartaanzed. Keiharde bespiesing de voeten sijn iets zwak. Wardt prima voorgebracht en heeft prima gangwerk. Uitmuntend.

English Critique Translation

Female good size. Good head. Good eyes, ears & teeth. Good neck. Fine front. Has excellent spring of rib but a little narrow underneath. Good back, good tail set. Good construction of coat. Feet are a little weak. Well presented & moved very well. Excellent

photo taken by Mal Jones 2005